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Fully proud of the know-how of our group of expert confectioners and bakers, MIA Foods, brings innovation as the central axis for all our activity:

| Development of new products in which we combine enjoyment and health, betting on the best raw materials and reducing the use of fats and sugars.

| Incorporation of the latest technology that allows us to be more efficient in our processes and being able to give the best service to our customers.

| Looking for more sustainable projects by thinking about the entire life cycle of our products, to reduce the environmental impact.

+430 references

7 production centers


30 countries

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Located in different locations within Spain and with our headquarters in Madrid as a strategic enclave.

Interact with the brands and discover the countries where we export and the city where the factories are located.





We are
MIA Foods

We are
Expert Bakers


The basis of all this: our employees, who bring their experience and vision to lead the future of our industry.

Our mission to produce high-quality food, which consolidates the balance between enjoyment and health, drives the passion of our teams to go one step further. And that level of self-demand is breathable in the air of any of our offices along with the smell of freshly made bread, biscuits, sweets, and puff pastry.


To produce food of the highest quality and sustainability, to achieve an adequate balance between enjoyment, health, and food.

To be recognized as a leading Food Group in the market for its innovation, customer service and quality of our products.



QUALITY | Commitment to the highest quality of our products and services.

INNOVATION | We innovate permanently under a Continuous Improvement process.

COMMITMENT | We act under strict Ethics and Social Responsibility.

PEOPLE | We work as a team looking for the well-being and development of people.

Our management team is made up of executives with extensive experience in team and project management with a high technical capacity and a clear strategic vision.

Thanks to them, we ensure that the legacy of innovation and excellence guides our business.

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